Program Description

KHA is increasing access to high-quality afterschool and summer learning programs. These programs provide thousands of local children with academic enrichment, mentorship opportunities, and social and emotional development. These programs provide academic enrichment opportunities that help students meet state and local standards in core academic subjects. The coordinated collaboration in these schools to work with students can be seen in the grade improvements of the schools as a whole.

Quality afterschool programs are one of the Kids Hope Alliance’s core services and flagship programs.  These programs are operated in two successful models: School-based programs and Community-Based programs, which are located throughout the city in a variety of community centers and nonprofit organizations. 

In February 2012, Jacksonville was one of nine cities selected by The Wallace Foundation as part of a four-year system-building initiative to strengthen afterschool programs for urban youth by establishing uniform quality standards, enhancing data collection and expanding participation to improve programs and outcomes.

By The Numbers
0 Afterschool / Summer Sites
1.2 Million Meals and Snacks Provided to Local Children and Youth at 0 sites
0 Percent Improved Reading Scores After Attending AfterSchool Programs
0 Percent Improved Math Scores