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Physical/Mailing Address:
1095 A. Philip Randolph Blvd.
Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Executive Administration
Communications, Marketing & Event Management
Administration, Contracts & Purchasing
Research & Grants
Data Systems/SAMIS
Grants Management
Contract Management
Program Quality (Age 0-12)
Program Quality (Age 13-21)
Mike Weinstein
Chief Executive Officer
Joyce Watson
Director of Administration, Contracts & Purchasing
LaRaya Strong
Special Projects Manager
Tyrica Young
Director of Research & Grants
April Hart
Director of Finance
Phone: 904-255-4410
Mary Nash
Director of Grants Management
Lenora Wilson
Director of Provider Program Quality (0-12)
John Everett
Director of Program Quality (13-21)
Chardae Chaney
Contract Manager
Sylvester Pinckney
Assistant Dir. of Provider Training & Engagement
Delphine Brock
Assistant Dir. of Provider Training & Engagement
Katoia Wilkins
Director of Contract Management
Jerelyn Allen
Assistant Dir. of Grants Management
Rodger Belcher
Director of Innovation & Data Systems
Eunice Dumba
Accounting Manager
Dae Lynn Helm
Assistant Director of Research & Grants
Saralyn Grass
Chief Administrative Officer
Mari Ganues
Assistant Director of Communications, Marketing & Event Management
Bridgette Newby
Assistant Director of Administration, Contracts and Purchasing
Quinn Robertson-Washington
Contract & Purchasing Manager
Robin Franks
Part-time Marketing Support Specialist
Kenneth Darity
Chief Program Officer
Lynette Kohn
Research Coordinator
Lissette Maldonado
Assistant Dir. of Innovation & Data
Danielle Deverson
Quality Assurance Specialist
Deborah Sibley
Assistant Dir. of Contract Management
Chandra Ferrette Lee
Program Quality Manager
Stacy Sheppard
Program Quality Manager
Tawanna Green
Part-Time Training Administration Specialist
Delores Foster-Young
Program Quality Manager
Chandra Brown
Contract Manager
Eric McClure
Grants Manager
Julia Riggins
Administrative Aide
Sherill Smith
Research Coordinator
Cory Armstrong
Government Relations Manager
Delores Williams
Contract & Purchasing Coordinator
Shari Shuman
Part-Time Compliance Officer
Krystle Cherry
Contract Compliance Associate
Suwandail Garner
Data Coordinator
Aszloyn Wakefield
Grants Manager
Jodie Thomas
Contract Manager
Aricka Mitchell
Part-Time Quality Support Specialist
Terri Anderson
Program Quality Manager
Cedric Hicks
Part-Time Quality Support Specialist
Tousha Allen
Contract Manager
Heather Bogarty
Nutrition Program Manager
Tatiana Engberg
Part-Time Finance Support Specialist
Ruth Waters
Contract Manager
Venesha Calhoun
Admin. Aide/SPE