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Physical/Mailing Address:
1095 A. Philip Randolph Blvd.
Jacksonville, Florida 32206

Executive Administration
Communications & Employee Development
Administration, Contracts & Purchasing
Research & Grants
Data Systems/SAMIS
Grants Management
Contract Management
Program Quality (Age 0-12)
Program Quality (Age 13-21)
Mike Weinstein
Chief Executive Officer
Joyce Watson
Director of Administration, Contracts & Purchasing
LaRaya Strong
Director, Communications & Employee Development
Jessica Pitts
Director of Finance
Rodger Belcher
Director of Innovation & Data Systems
Mary Nash
Director of Grants Management
Lenora Wilson
Director of Provider Program Quality (0-12)
John Everett
Director of Program Quality (13-21)
Chardae Chaney
Contract Manager
Sylvester Pinckney
Assistant Dir. of Provider Training & Engagement
Delphine Brock
Assistant Dir. of Provider Training & Engagement
Katoia Wilkins
Director of Contract Management
Jerelyn Allen
Assistant Dir. of Grants Management
Lissette Maldonado
Assistant Dir. of Innovation & Data
Nekita McGruder
PT Contract Compliance Associate
Tyrica Young
Director of Research & Grants
Saralyn Grass
Chief Administrative Officer
Mari Ganues
Assistant Director of Communications & Employee Development
Bridgette Newby
Assistant Director of Administration, Contracts and Purchasing
Quinn Robertson-Washington
Contract & Purchasing Manager
Robin Franks
Part-time Marketing Support Specialist
Kenneth Darity
Chief Program Officer
Dae Lynn Helm
Assistant Director of Research & Grants
Julia Riggins
Administrative Aide
Danielle Deverson
Quality Assurance Specialist
Deborah Sibley
Assistant Dir. of Contract Management
Chandra Ferrette Lee
Program Quality Manager
Stacy Sheppard
Program Quality Manager
Greg Hodges
MSSQL Programmer
Tawanna Green
Part-Time Training Administration Specialist
Mya Lazo
Data Specialist
Delores Foster-Young
Program Quality Manager
Chandra Brown
Contract Manager
Eric McClure
Grants Manager
Lynette Kohn
Research Coordinator
Nancy Viafora
PT Grant Accountant
Cory Armstrong
Government Relations Manager
Delores Williams
Contract & Purchasing Coordinator
Shari Shuman
Part-Time Compliance Officer
Tatiana Engberg
Assistant Director of Finance
Sherill Smith
Research Coordinator
Aszloyn Wakefield
Grants Manager
Suwandail Garner
Data Coordinator
Jodie Thomas
Contract Manager
Aricka Mitchell
Part-Time Quality Support Specialist
Stephanie Leynes
Part-Time Coordinator
Terri Anderson
Program Quality Manager
Cedric Hicks
Part-Time Quality Support Specialist
Tousha Allen
Contract Manager
Heather Bogarty
Nutrition Program Manager
Phone: 904-255-4410
Ruth Waters
Contract Manager
Venesha Calhoun
Admin. Aide/SPE