KHA 2024 Vendor Fair Recap
February 23, 2024
This past Wednesday we hosted our annual KHA Vendor Fair! With over 200 people and 35 vendors in attendance, it’s safe to call our first event of the year a success. We are very grateful to everyone who showed their support and helped to make this event happen. From the KHA staff who helped setup/takedown and run the event, to the vendors who took the time to spend their day with us, everyone who participated played a very important role in the KHA 2024 Vendor Fair. The annual vendor fair is a great opportunity for our paid providers to network amongst each other. Representatives from after-school and summer programs are also able to come and learn about how the vendors can help enhance their programs.
Five Fun Ways to Celebrate Black History Month at Work
February 06, 2024
If you're reading this blog post, I’d like to wish you a happy Black History Month! The month of February is a very special time of reflection, acknowledgment, and celebration. If you are not very familiar with the origins of Black History Month (BHM), let me give you a quick history lesson.
New Year’s Resolutions Vs. Intentions
January 04, 2024
It’s about that time again. We’re at the start of the year, and there is a lot of talk about fresh starts, new chapters, and of course, New Year’s resolutions. As we know, many of us are not actually able to keep up with our resolutions. So, I spent some time online looking into the usual tradition and came across the practice of setting intentions. In this blog post, I’ll be discussing the difference between New Year’s resolutions and intentions, and hopefully at the end of it you can make a more informed decision about which of these practices you want to go with this year.